Sunday, August 1, 2010

They Reached Me First

I am copying in full a blog post by Presbyterian Pastor Scott Moore from MOBILE, ALABAMA.

After my friend, Alan Beasley's sermon this morning at FUMC - Jasper, this is very poignant.

PLEASE understand that I do not post this to inflame hatred towards Islam. We don't need anymore of that. Most Islam members are not "out to get us". Families like the one in the article are a much greater threat to the spread of Christianity than people with bombs strapped to them.

Here it is:

I will never forget the serious look on Dr. Richard Pratt's face one Monday night as he was expressing his number one fear for the next generation. It was not alcoholism, or disease. It was not liberalism, or the church's view on women being ordained (or not) in ministry. He looked across the classroom and called all of us to take heed to the Islamic growth in America. One statistic I remember is that the census reported that by year 2025, one major metropolitan city, in America, will be predominately Muslim. I tucked that statistic away, and have not thought of it since...until yesterday.

The doorbell rang. As the dog barked, and as the kids proceeded to run around like chickens with their head cut off, I left Katie to the new baby and answered the door. I was not prepared for my visitors.

I opened the door to find a family of five, dressed in very strict Islamic attire - the husband in a long robe and religious cap; the wife fully covered, except her eyes; and, the children with what looked like small turbans, along with their robes that looked like daddy's. The interaction changed my life. Allow me to share with you some of my observations:

1. They came bearing gifts. The balloon outside on the mailbox that read, "It's a girl!" lead them to rejoice with us that a new life had come into the world. So they gave us a birthday cake of Huggies and a small sun-hat for the baby. What does this mean? Well, first of all, 96 diapers are not cheap. They spent over $25 on a stranger and probably over 2-3 hours at least knitting the sun-hat (the wife made it) and arranging the diapers into a huge display.

2. They were kind. They were not indifferent to our new baby girl. They rejoiced (at least, to some extent) with us. And they were very polite and cordial.

3. This family was not (from what I could tell) from another country. They were African American; which, from what I understand is a demographic that is converting to Islam by the droves. 59% of Islamic converts in America are African American - most of whom convert from Protestantism. Big players in the African American community are promoting the religion and are having a strong influence. Ice Cube (who converted in the 90's) has been quoted saying, that the Nation of Islam is "the best place for any young black male."

4. They were dedicated as a family. Their attire alone showed their strict devotion to the religion. And they practiced as a family. I have read somewhere that each Muslim family produces, on average, 8 children per family unit. Not only is Islam growing by conversion, but its main objective is to grow (exponentially) by reproduction. This is a God-given mandate and process that all Christians must understand and at least acknowledge.

Muslims understand well that predominant and typically affluent cultures atrophy over small amounts of time due to decreased marriage and reproduction rates. Europe is a great example. To shed light on this point, consider a country isolated without the possibility of immigration. If family units have, on average, just one (or less than 2) children per unit, then it is mathematically impossible to maintain the population over just a few generations.

Family units in most European countries (like Greece, France and England) have roughly 1.3 children per unit (under 1.6 it is mathematically impossible to rescue the culture). It has been this way for some time. But, here is the kicker - the populations of these countries have grown! And they are being swallowed up by Islam.

5. My next point about this family is that they were evangelical. So, not only were they converts (probably), and not only were they furthering the Islamic agenda through reproduction; but they were also reaching their immediate world for "Allah" through evangelization. I am more aware of the Islamic presence in my geographical region. Every morning on my way to work I see more and more Muslims. This particular family lives three houses down from me. They are reaching their neighborhood (which is also MY neighborhood and has been for over one year now).

My final point is this...They reached me first.

I am now resolved, by the strength and perseverance of God's sovereign grace, to reach those around me quickly and consistently with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Shame on me for being silent this long. Yesterday is the day that God used a strict Muslim to get this PCA pastor off of his rear end.

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