Saturday, January 15, 2011

Indulge My Every Feeling

"The desire to be God rather than to serve God lies at the bottom of every sin that anyone has ever committed. Sin isn't first rooted in a philosophical debate of the appropriateness or healthiness of a certain ethic.  
No, sin is rooted in my unwillingness to find joy in living my life under the authority of, and for the glory of, Another.  Sin is rooted in my desire to live for me.  It's driven by my propensity to indulge my every feeling, satisfy my every desire, and meet my every need.....
Because sin is about the breaking of relationship, restoration of relationship is the only hope for us in our struggle with sin.   It's only because God is willing to love us in our struggle with sin.  It's only because God is willing to love us in a way that we refuse to love him that we have any hope of defeating sin.  It's through the gift of adoption into relationship with him that we find what we need to gain power over sin.  
And what do we need?  A greater love for him than we have for ourselves.  His love is the only thing that has the power to produce in us that kind of love for him."

- Paul Tripp, Whiter than Snow
HT: Whiter than Snow: Sin is a Relationship
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