Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Michael Spencer, 1956-2010

I join today those who are mourning the death of Michael Spencer, who blogged as The Internet Monk.

Trevin Wax writes a nice tribute:

When I first stumbled across Michael Spencer’s blog (under his nickname, the Internet Monk), I didn’t quite know what to make of his writing. On the one hand, Michael was giving voice to some thoughts and questions I had wrestled with, but never fully articulated. On the other hand, his honesty was brutal, intense, and often made me uncomfortable.

What I eventually came to appreciate most about Michael – both from his blog and from personal contact – was that the center of his thought and ministry was grace: extravagant mercy and favor to undeserving, broken sinners.

And posts a bit of one of my favorite Imonk Articles called "I like the Prayer List":


prayer list frees us from the notion that the people of God are the healthy, happy ones who turned up for worship today. It reminds us that our community is extended into hospitals, nursing homes, psych hospitals, the homes of the poor, the relationships we have with other kinds of Christians and the mission we’re on together.

The prayer list is a picture of the broken and humbled body of Christ. It has a particular kind of beauty, and I’m glad our church- which hasn’t gotten around to a confession, covenant or constitution- has that prayer list.

It’s part of my journey these days to know that my name will one day be on that list, and these will be the people who will love and pray for me when my place in the church is to be ministered unto by the praying people of God.


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