Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stuff Only God Could Possibly Deliver

By Jim Martin, the pastor of Crestview Church of Christ in Waco, Tx

Prayer is the most powerful communication we have. It is more powerful than speaking through a public address system. It is more powerful than Facebook or Twitter.

Prayer is the most powerful and intimate form of communication that a human being can experience.

After all, when you pray, your words do not simply stay in the room. Nor is God somehow drawn by your eloquence. No, when you pray, there is a sense in which you ride the wings of the Spirit into the very throne room of the living God.

As we pray, we have his attention. Our words, our thoughts, and our concerns are heard. Even when our words do not come out just right, the Spirit knows our longing and communicates them to the Father.

Five powerful ways to pray:

1. Pray that God will use you as he carries out his kingdom dream for this world. (Such a kingdom dream will bring renewal and a grand sense of purpose to a Christian.)

2. Pray that God will give you an absolute passion for him and for his will. (We will only become passionate about something that is awesome, overwhelming, and absolutely incredible. Let us see what a big God he is and how desperately we need him.)

3. Pray for your children that God would be the center of their lives and that you as a parent would be a bridge and not an obstacle. (Far too many parents pray for their children and then later discourage them from missional living or giving their lives to a cause which bears some risk.)

4. Pray that the grace of God would refresh today's church and that his Spirit would bring real revival.Include those who teach/preach and lead. (I am convinced that nothing is more important for the futurechurch than the prayer of the present church.)

5. Pray for God to do what would be impossible without an answer to prayer. (Far too often, we limit our prayers to what sounds reasonable to us.)


What do you pray for that only God could possibly deliver?

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